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FashionUnited’s new Product Database saving partners time and money

By FashionUnited


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Image Credit: FashionUnited

In an era marked by the rapid digitization of the fashion and accessories sector, brands and retailers are grappling with the need to optimize their product data management processes to better compete in the omnichannel world.

The intricacies and complexities of data requirements across platforms and retailers have exposed a lack of collaboration and efficiency, which FashionUnited has tasked itself with addressing.

FashionUnited has developed a tool for comprehensive product database management, facilitating timely and precise exchange of standardized data, saving companies time, money, and valuable workforce resources.

Instant access to abundant information

This new product database operates in an easy, straightforward way: Collaborating partner brands contribute their product information, which the system collects and converts from raw data into a uniform format. The standardized information is then sent back to the brand owner, who can share it with their retail partners. It’s that simple!

Image Credit: FashionUnited

The product database meticulously archives essential details - type, fabric, color, size, and product codes, among others - allowing retailers to effortlessly access the optimized data to use for various purposes. This saves brands valuable time collecting and verifying information across different sources.

FashionUnited’s tool ensures accurate statistics in synchronized formats, with an easy-to-use front-end section of the product database allowing consumers to compare products using a logical filtering system.

Empowering a transparent and efficient fashion industry

The new database provides a one-stop platform to efficiently store and share product data. Over 200,000 items are added each season, which continuously refines the AI's capabilities and enhances the system’s accuracy.

As one of the largest independent and international B2B networks in the fashion industry, FashionUnited connects more than 1 million fashion professionals monthly, helping make the industry more efficient and transparent each day.

As of now, the tool is free of service for FashionUnited members and retailers worldwide to use.

For more information contact FashionUnited catalog@fashionunited.com

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