London - A group consisting of the Chief Executive Officers from Kering, H&M, Bestseller, Target and more have agreed to join forces to tackle seven key areas of sustainability under the new CEO Agenda 2018 from the non-profit organization the Global Fashion Agenda.

This marks the first time that such a collaborative effort has been undertaken by the fashion industry. The CEO Agenda 2018 calls for these companies, as well as other leading fashion companies to immediately prioritize key issues, which have been divided into two sections. One includes three core priorities for immediate implementation, which have already been implemented by pioneers and are as followed: Supply chain traceability, the efficient use of water, chemicals and energy and to "respectful and secure" working conditions for all employees.

The other four transformational priorities, which are said to bring around the fundamental change in the longer term, include sustainable material mix, closed-loop fashion system, promotion of better wage systems and embracing the fourth industrial revolution. "Our aim is that this document can actually help any CEO in the industry gain more clarity and prioritize what they should spend their efforts on," said Eva Kruse, CEO and president of Global Fashion Agenda in an interview with BoF.

Kruse stressed that is important to target CEOs "because those decisions have to be made on the top floors of companies before it's ever going to be something that really drives the business forward." A growing number of companies have been working hard in the recent years to increase their sustainability efforts, including those listed as the Global Fashion Agenda's Strategic Partners, to help limit their overall impact on the environment and safeguard their business in the long term.





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