The Portland-based outdoor apparel company Trew has raised 1.6 million dollars in outside capital and plans to use it to expand the company’s product line, hire more employees and improve direct-to-consumer operations.

BroadPeak Capital, a local firm that invests in growing athletic and apparel companies, led the round.

“Our partnership with BoardPeak will take us to the next level, thanks to the expertise and deep talent base of their investors,” said Trew President and Founder Tripp Frey. “They’ve been true partners and have already had a significant impact on accelerating the growth of the company,” he added.

In turn, BroakPeak managing partner Ian Lombard said that “Tripp Frey and the team have established a strong brand that has a great connection to their consumer.” “With strong growth in recent years and an innovative new approach to the business, the brand is poised to take off,” further explained Lombard.

Primarily focused on selling ski jackets and apparel in speciality stores, BroadPeak counts as investors many veterans in the athletic and apparel market.

The company now plans to move into a combined retail and office space in southeast Portland.

Trew is BroadPeak’s first investment, and according to Lombard, it won´t be the last, as the firm plans on investing in other companies in the near future.





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