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Property group Grosvenor publishes social impact strategy

By Rachel Douglass



Image: Grosvenor

Grosvenor Property UK has revealed its new social impact strategy, which it said covers extensive research into both the societal and local needs it plays a part in.

Its focus will be on three strategic priorities, as outlined in a release, which cover improving the wellbeing of places the company manages, helping local economies thrive through growth and maximising the positive impact of its people and partners.

“We want to have a genuinely long-term, positive impact on people and communities. But this isn’t something we take for granted as an automatic by-product of what we do,” said James Raynor, CEO of the firm.

He continued: “So, we’ve expanded our sustainability ambitions to encompass a business-wide approach to social impact enabling us to understand, measure and maximise our impact.”

According to Raynor, social impact will now be part of the company's decision-making process surrounding its commercial and environmental considerations.

As part of the strategy, which was informed by independent research, Grosvenor has established objective based evidence of the wellbeing of key groups of people and formed its priorities around the results.

It will run and report against the wellbeing framework every two years and will continue to annually report against its environmental goals.

Grosvenor added that it will additionally keep working to deliver its one million pound Greener Futures programme, which it has recently expanded to Liverpool.