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"The impact of the new value chain" Chainbalance Expert Interview

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The year 2022 is only a few days old, and we can already be sure that there will be no going back to old behaviors and structures. Everywhere, people are rightly talking about the "new normal."

But what does that mean exactly and how, above all, will the comprehensive value chain of the fashion industry continue to change? In recent months, headlines have been piling up on the subject of delivery delays caused by closed ports or hundreds of ships waiting in line at the port. Supply chains will permanently change, but how and where will that lead? Admittedly, these are complex questions that cannot be answered with 100 percent certainty - who can predict 100 percent how consumers, retailers, brands or even logistics providers will behave and continue to change in the future!

Nevertheless, a small group of experts from the fashion industry have asked themselves these and other questions. A first look at the new value chain in the fashion industry. What can we expect and where are the opportunities?

Mauricio Warchaftig, Chief Sales Officer of Chainbalance, interviews logistics expert and former COO of Hugo Boss, as well as procurement and technology expert Thomas Ballweg, who has been a consultant for GermanFashion for over 10 years.

Together they talk about nearshoring, the largest cotton field in Germany and the power of China!

Watch the teaser interview here:

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