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The importance of having an omnichannel solution

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Fashion is an undeniably seasonal industry, with trends and styles constantly reappearing in new and different ways. However, even though garments are reimagined every few years, the sales model for the fashion industry has mostly remained the same until the rise of e-commerce and social media. The digital world has disrupted the way consumers view and interact with fashion brands and retailers for good. Due to the wealth of information provided across various channels, from fashion websites to Instagram channels, influencer posts and targeted online advertising, consumers expect a seamless experience across each touchpoint. Brands and retailers who are unable to keep up with consumers expectations risk falling out of favour or losing them to a competitor. It's safe to say that the global outbreak of COVID-19 only accelerated the digital shift, with over half (55.7%) of fashion sales taking place online, according to ONS, highlighting brands and retailers' need for a solid omnichannel strategy.

"In today's world of fashion and lifestyle, a superb omnichannel solution is indispensable," says Cor Noorlander, Chief Commercial Officer at global fashion fulfilment service provider Modexpress. Brands and retailers who have integrated their different sales and communications channels into a leading omnichannel solution to deliver a consistent and cohesive customer experience only thrived last year. US sportswear giant Nike, who invested heavily in its digital, innovative and Nike Direct Sales channels, expanded its customer base and gained market share last year. Currently valued at $35 billion, its omnichannel approach is proof in the pudding. "However, even before the arrival of Covid-19, the availability of products via different sales channels and speed to market have been major drivers in the growth of reputable brands," points out Noorlander.

Having direct insight into product availability across different sales channels is key to meeting and serving consumers' needs. By using a powerful e-fulfilment solution that combines entire logistics processes, from the e-commerce platform to marketplace channels and more, brands have direct insight into their product availability at all times. This ensures brands and retailers can distribute their stock as fit. Modexpress leading e-fulfilment options provides real-time updates and an accurate overview of stock levels at all times, as well as additional insights into the turnover rate and return percentages. By optimizing existing stock, this guarantees that retailers and brands can respond to any sudden market changes and meet consumer demand across every channel.

Speed to market is another vital aspect fashion brands and retailers have to take into account. Due to the nearly instantaneous nature of online shopping, consumers expect products to arrive as quickly as possible. Thanks to its tailor-made and dedicated solutions, Modexpress manages last-mile deliveries as efficiently and effectively as possible. Brands products are seamlessly distributed via multiple channels, with Modexpress offering different outbound and returns solutions to meet customers' changing needs. Speedy return handling is another important aspect for brands and retailers. Modexpress sorts, checks, and prepares returns for delivery via the retailer's e-commerce platform, online marketplaces and physical stores. Serving all channels from a central warehouse, this assures low stock management costs and maximum flexibility - a win-win case for all. "For many leading fashion houses, Modexpress has developed state of the art fulfilment – and distribution solutions leading to the ongoing success stories of its customers," adds Noorlander.

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