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Top Fashion Influencer: Jadyn Hailey

By FashionUnited PR


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Credit: Courtesy of Jadyn Hailey

Jadyn Hailey is a LA based influencer, who’s content revolves around wellness and fashion. With her feminine and confident look, she has been able to reach almost 160k followers through her social media platforms.

When analyzing Jadyn’s social media platforms, you see a well formatted, coherent feed that screams minimal, yet loud. Jaydyn tents to go for chic and elegant pieces, which she displays effortlessly. By looking at her photos, it is clear that she has a soft spot for girly clothing items, such as skirts and dresses. However, she also appreciates casual and comfortable items, such as a pair of Victoria’s Secret leggings or UGGs, supporting the ‘’that girl’’ aesthetic. It is difficult to think of Jadyn without the color pink, as most of her garments consist of pink hues. However, she also loves to wear black and white or neutral tones whenever she can.

Besides her fashionable lifestyle, she is also the host of her own podcast show called “Busy’ Yet Pretty'' on Spotify. Here, she talks about how to be an “it girl” or “busy queen” and gives fashion and beauty tips, while giving off a charming aura. You will find out that the fashionista does not only have great style, but also has an empowering mindset.

So, if you’re looking for a fashionable influencer with a great mindset, Jadyn is the one to follow!

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