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10 best fashion songs to drive work-from-home blues away

By Simone Preuss


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For many, working from home can be a challenge. Not only are there a myriad of distractions ranging from pending housework, the kids, pets, one’s spouse, food cravings and more to the exact opposite - a feeling of loneliness and isolation. What better way to beat the work-from-home blues with a playlist that has one grooving to the music in no time. If you ever wanted to dance like no one is watching, now is the time. FashionUnited has put together ten must-have songs and videos that every fashion aficionado should know.

“Too Funky” - George Michael

Ah, George Michael and his iconic video “Too Funky” in which he roped in supermodels like Linda Evangelista, Tyra Banks, Nadja Auermann and others to walk the ramp for him. None other than fashion designer Thierry Mugler designed and created the models’ outfits. “I am not trying to seduce you” is what the video claims but it’s hard not to get seduced by this creativity and star power, not to mention the catchy tune.

“I'm Too Sexy” - Right Said Fred

What started out as a joke soon turned into a superhit: When the Fairbrass brother of British band Right Said Fred ran their London gym, Richard sang “I’m too sexy for my shirt” in front of the mirror - shirtless - to mock the “narcissism and posing” he observed at the gym. Their catwalk dance, debuted in the video, was soon copied in clubs throughout the world.

“Freakum Dress” - Beyoncé

This video shows what singer Beyoncé gets up to when she’s been cooped up in the house too long - dressing not only herself up in glam dresses but also her girlfriends / backup singers. In case you feel like grooving to the music - she’ll tell you how.

“Fashion” - Lady Gaga

Another iconic catwalk video with Lady Gaga herself taking to the runway and performing her till then unreleased song, “Fashion”. She would go on to write three more songs with the word “fashion” in the title. As for this one, it’s worth giving the lyrics a thorough listen.

“Change Clothes”- Jay-Z featuring Pharrell Williams

This video and song lyrics by Jay-Z featuring Pharrell show the craziness behind the catwalk and the stressful job modeling can be. Or, brought to a point - “change clothes” - but do it fast. The video features appearances by other singers, talk show host Kelly Ripa and models like Jessica White, Jade Cole and the never-aging Naomi Campbell.

“Fashion is Danger” - Flight of the Conchords

New Zealand duo Jemaine Clement and Bret Mackenzie, better known as Flight of Conchords, pose in this quirky video as stylish 80’s glam rockers who have fun trying out different hairstyles by liberally applying hair gel. Listen at your own risk - the tune may be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

“Labels or Love” - Fergie

This song about retail therapy by American singer Fergie quickly rose to fame as part of the soundtrack of the Sex and the City movie, released in 2008. It was even nominated for the People’s Choice Award but lost to Mama Mia! by Meryl Streep. Correctly judging by the song title, the lyrics read like a who’s who of fashion labels.

“Slave to the Rhythm”- Grace Jones

“Slave to the Rhythm” (not to be confused with the Michael Jackson by the same name) is not technically a fashion song but then, it’s Grace Jones, and it’s 1985. On top of that, the video is peppered with pictures of Grace Jones’ most iconic looks. What’s not to love?

“The Only Thing that Looks Good on Me Is You”- Bryan Adams

Talking about another classic - “The Only Thing that Looks Good on Me Is You” - is a quirky song plus an even quirkier video that has male and female models walking the catwalk in flashy and outrageous clothes. Hence the conclusion, even among designer outfits, the only thing that looks (truly) good on me is you.

“Pink”- Aerosmith

Last but not least, Aerosmith’s “Pink” - taking the catwalk to the extreme by letting go of traditional models as we know them. Instead, the band members and an assortment of characters, morphed into freaky weird models, move toward the camera, among them lead singer Steven Tyler as a skeleton, lead guitarist Joe Perry as a centaur, and rhythm and co-lead guitarist Brad Whitford as a little boy. Add to that Aerosmith’s trademark tunes and you have a winner. Need we say more?

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