Self-lacing shoes, a jet suit that makes the wearer soar 12,000 feet above the ground and a headdress that changes its color according to brain waves. That’s what you’ll see at Wired to Wear, the exhibit examining the merging of technology and human body open from March 21 in the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

Pieces were designed by the likes of Google and Nasa and prominent artists such as Suzi Webster, Anouk Wipprecht and Jordan Reeves. Among the highlights is Victor Mateevitsi’s SpiderSense, a tactile suit that allows wearers to feel the environment around them on their own body, through tiny motors that gently vibrate on their skin.

Visitors will also get to see a jet suit powered by five mini jet packs, which allows the wearer to travel 30 miles an hour and soar 12,000 feet above the ground.

Wired to Wear runs through May 2020, tickets cost 12 US dollars for adults.





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