YSL Museum to exhibit never-seen-before creations

The Yves Saint Laurent museum in Paris is to exhibit some forty new creations by its founding designer, some which have never been since in public before.

This comes as other pieces are being restored, since the inaugural launch in October 2017.

"The Yves Saint Laurent Paris Museum presents its collections in direct proximity to visitors who are then immersed in the intimacy of a fashion house. Textiles being among the most sensitive organic materials to be conserved, their exposure to light, dust and their submission to strong tensions when presented on mannequins must be limited “ said Aurélie Samuel, Museum Collections Director.

Visitors can now admire a heather taffeta dress from the spring-summer 1986 collection, a cape embroidered in tribute to the painter Georges Braque or the so-called "Mirror Broken" jacket.

Since last October, visitors can discover Yves Saint Laurent's greatest creations through the inaugural itinerary, as well as accessories, sketches, photographs and films.

"The inaugural route of the Yves Saint Laurent Paris Museum is an exceptional presentation. Particularly emblematic but rarely exhibited pieces are shown, such as the first collection of Yves Saint Laurent of 1962 - which will be the only section of the museum not to be the subject of a renewal of textile works, said Olivier Flaviano, Director of the Museum.

Photo credit: YSL Museum website





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