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Bread & Butter will take place this summer

By Vivian Hendriksz

Jan 23, 2015


The decision has been made: Bread & Butter has earned its second chance and will be taking place this summer.

From July 2 to 4, Bread & Butter will return to it's former location at Airport Berlin-Tempelhof, although the trade fair organizers say that the smaller show, which ran during Berlin Fashion Week, which at its headquarters in Münzstrasse 13 and in "The Blue Yard", Münzstrasse, was well received.

Karl-Heinz Müller, founder and managing director of Bread & Butter, was especially encouraged to revive Bread & Butter when he saw the positive responses to B&B's 'Back to the Street' trade fair.

The decision to continue Bread & Butter, despite the trade fair's organization filing for insolvency last month, was further driven by the results of the voting poll, which asked visitors and exhibitors alike to help vote for the future of Bread & Butter. So far the majority of voters online (78 percent as of January 23) have said yes to the return of the Berlin fashion trade fair.

Bread & Butter returns home to Airport Berlin-Tempelhof this summer

"Despite all the turbulences, we encountered a wave of sympathy," said Müller in a press release. "With the omission of the tradeshow, general doubts regarding the relevance of Berlin as a fashion location arose," continued the statement. "Many feared a massive weakening, especially in terms of the internationality of the trade visitors." In order to combat these fears, Müller has already begun plans for the next Bread & Butter.

"The rental contract with Tempelhof is still valid. Furthermore, due to protective regulations of the insolvency enactment, the landlord is presently not able to cancel the contract," explained preliminary insolvency administrator Christian Graf Brockdorff from the insolvency administrator law office BBL Bernsau Brockdorff. "Bread & Butter keeps the long-term right to use the location."

Müller and the rest of the trade fair's organization team have been working together to rethink Bread & Butter's concept for the summer edition. "We rework our concept for July 2015, for the industry's challenges can surely not be solved with conventional trade shows alone. We stick to our 'fun & profit' success motto," added Müller. Bread & Butter new concept aims to help brands enhance their overall appeal, rather than just covering the "necessities."

B&B rethinks concept for summer 2015

Bread & Butter's new concept includes: holding the summer event at an earlier date; defining clear fashion 'clusters' which follow target groups; new "Design & Agents Area" for trade agencies of the corresponding target groups; the introduction of a lower price per square meter exhibition space; defined areas exclusively for the invited trade visitors (B2B); a new "consumer area" for marketing activities of the brands and labels (B2C); large-scaled evening events and the addition of new labels which fall "outside of the classic field of fashion."

"Our new concept fits to Berlin. With its size and structure, Airport Tempelhof offers ideal conditions for the trade show. The extensive free areas provide nearly unlimited space for everything one can imagine," exclaimed Müller. Brockdorff adds: "The necessary financial funds for the relaunch are already provided by investors."

"Our aim is the rehabilitation of the trade show. I have visited the 'Back to the Street' event myself and have held numerous conversations with the trade visitors. A great number of people from the industry continue to support Bread & Butter."

Bread and Butter
Karl Heinz Muller