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Costa Mesa's Style Con brings together digital influencers in fashion

By Sara Ehlers

Nov 10, 2015

Over the weekend, beauty and fashion combined harmoniously for a style event in Costa Mesa. Entitled “Style Con,” the one-day event brought together fashionistas, style makers, beauty lovers, and digital influencers to discuss new ideas and trends.

The O.C. event served as Style Con’s first city for its expo. The event took place on November 7 at the Hangar at the O.C. Event and Fair Center. Style Con brought together several like-minded attendees that came together for exchanging fresh ideas, individual styles, and more. In total, the event sold out with over 1,200 tickets. The expo included a Style stage where 35 digital influencers were able to come on and share their newest projects and takes on current trends. Social media influencers who participated included beauty expert Olivia Culpo, model Tess Holiday, blogger Alyssa Denny, and more.

Founders Robin Grant and Irene Martino created the event as a way to bring various groups of people together. In essence, Style Con is a huge networking event for people in the Los Angeles and Orange County area. “We wanted people to have a fun opportunity to come together to see and meet the social media influencers that they see all the time on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter,” said Grant. The expo was a way to bring in a more intimate experience for fashion and style bloggers as well as fans in the industry. “People want more of a one-on-one approach—they want to be able to ask [the influences] questions directly,” said Grant. Style Con allows for that more personal, direct experience to happen.

Style Con brings together local influencers for fashion event

One of the speakers who participated in Style Con included fashion mogul Olivia Culpo. She served as a guest speaker for the event to share fashion tips and trends for the autumn/fall season. Attendees gathered around the stage with style tote bags and all to take in what the former Miss USA winner had to say. On stage, she put together and displayed five looks for the upcoming season. Her looks included a date-night look as well as a “city girl” look incorporating long sleeveless vests, black leather skirts, and more. As a digital influencer, Culpo shared her passion for why she participated in the Style Con expo event. “I get to do what I love and it’s always exciting to find new trends and tricks,” said Culpo. On top of sharing tips as a style expert, Culpo will be traveling to Dubai for a fashion and beauty tour as well in order to express herself and share her passion with other people.

In between waiting for speakers, there were multiple pop-up stores available for attendees to shop. The event hosted participating fashion brands such as Topshop, Crocs, Bravo Handbags, Luella, NFL Juniors, Mother Trucker & Co., Fit with Cambrie, and more. Each of the fashion brands hosted their own pop-up booths alongside participating beauty brands. Participating beauty brands include Sleek Hair, Blowtini, and more. To enrich the experience for attendees, the expo also held panels, meet-and-greet’s, speakers, and more for participating attendees.

As this was the expo’s first event, Grant revealed that Style Con will be coming to more SoCal cities next year. Although based mostly in California, the founders have also been looking to bring the expo to Miami and possibly Vegas. The dates for the next Style Con is not yet confirmed, but will be approaching in the spring.