At this year's Sourcing at Magic show, Square One will feature a new interactive curated space by Fashion Snoops. The showcase will feature cultural trends for Fall/Winter 18/19.

The Square One space will highlight "What's Next" highlighting leading innovators for each trend. The space will also have interactive elements including on-site installations, real time art creation, as well as talks by creatives and industry leaders. One of the artists will be demonstrating a zero waste weaving, showcasing a process in which waste is re-purposed into yarn. The show will also focus on these four trends that are coming into the fashion industry: Earth Alchemy, Engineered Identity, The Space Between, and Time Traveler. These range from organic and digital infusions of fashion, political influence on designers, gender-neutral inspirations, and technological innovations for the fashion industry.

Headliners for Square One also include designer and co-founder of Remo Haptics Aaron Nesser, founder and director of Weaving Hand Cynthia Alberto, textile designer Aviva Stanoff, and founder of Restival Caroline Jones. Each of these creatives will be highlighting these new cultural, innovation trends through demonstrations or explanations at the trade fair. The show will take place in Las Vegas from August 13-16.