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5 Streetstyle trends spotted during fashion month

By Barbara Russ


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Image: Paris Street Fashion FW23, via Launchmetrics Spotlight

Fashion month ended last week with Fashion Week Paris. While numerous fashion houses played it safe in their H/W 23/24 fashion shows, relying on classics and archival pieces, creativity found its full expression on the streets. There was no sign of boredom outside the official shows, and looks were more colorful than on the catwalks. With these five street style trends, you're sure to be on the right track from now until next winter.

1. Techno-Futurism

Metallic tones, above all silver, prevailed on the streets, and to some extent, also on the catwalks. Paco Rabanne's show was one of the most eagerly expected shows of Paris Fashion Week, as was Pierre Cardin's, both under new direction after their late founders had passed recently. So perhaps this street style can be seen as an homage to the influence of those revered space-age designers. Whether complete leather looks in silver, all-out silver sequins, sparkling accessories, or clothes made of metal. Techno-futurism was a big trend on the streets. Current technological developments, especially in the field of AI, were reflected here (pun intended) and cast in silver.

Image: Street Fashion FW23, via Launchmetrics Spotlight

2. Colorful Trench Coats

Red is currently replacing Barbie pink as the dominant trend color on runways and red carpets. However, both were evenly distributed on the streets in the form of trench coats made of leather, or leather alternatives. Contrary to street style habits, their silhouettes were closed and tightly wrapped by a belt. Trench coats, on the street, often appear as an easy, and effortlessly cool, coat alternative that accentuates relaxed layering looks. Here, however, the trench coat stood on its own as a statement piece.

Image: Street Fashion FW23, via Launchmetrics Spotlight

3. Hair Clips

A hairstyling trick that has 'trickled down' from the runways to the street is the hair clip look. Numerous hair clips are used to create a very stern look, often combined with lots of hair gel or spray that makes the hair appear almost wet and rigid. Silver clips also created a futuristic look, almost reminiscent of cyborgs.

Image: Street Fashion FW23, via Launchmetrics Spotlight

4. Electric Blue

After black and white, blue was the most tagged color on the streets, according to American Vogue's street style tracker. But it wasn't just any kind of blue. This season's shade of blue is Electric Blue. A strong sky blue was seen in complete looks on the streets and also in the form of eyeliner on the runways. Pinterest, in its analysis of London Fashion Week on its platform, observed a 75 percent increase in the trend in recent weeks.

Image: Street Fashion FW23, via Launchmetrics Spotlight

5. Colorful Statement-Sunglasses

Sunglasses always play a role in street-style dressing. They're great for hiding behind. That is why influencers use them to avoid blinking when the shutter clicks. But this season they really had a moment: colorful sunglasses in all shades were seen from Copenhagen to London to Paris. In their current form, they borrowed from a sleek and streamlined 90s techno look, more reminiscent of sports sunglasses than the oversized models of the 2000s that were all the rage until recently. By the way, metallic, black, and white frames were also a welcome accessory of street style professionals, if paired with yellow or pink lenses, through which the world looks just a little more friendly in February.

Image: Street Fashion FW23, via Launchmetrics Spotlight
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