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Alienz Incorporated brings avant-garde to Rainbow Fashion Week

By Kristopher Fraser


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Pride Week has been taking place in New York City, which means its also time for New York's annual Rainbow Fashion Week. Last night at the "Bank" Vault in Bedstuy, Eliza David and Joanna Gonzalez of Alienz Incorporated presented an avant-garde, superhero inspired collection, featuring models of all genders and sizes. The designers were approached by Rainbow Fashion Week to do a collection, which is impressive given they have only had their line for two months.

Prior to this line, David was a painter and Gonzalez was a writer. The two have been friends since they were thirteen years old, and when they were older they began dressing up in bright costumes with colorful hair, similar to the line they created, to see the reactions of people. This particular collection featured every color of the rainbow in the spirit of the pride theme.

"For the collection we wanted to do a super hero theme to show pride, power and expressing yourself," David said. "It was about expressing inner beauty and sexuality."

"Our concept at Alienz Incorporated is we like to talk about people's different personas, stepping outside of yourself and being something else. That's why we used wigs and all the heavy makeup," Gonzalez added.

In the spirit of pride and expressing yourself, David and Gonzalez want to use fashion to help people express themselves and pride. "Clothing is a great expression of self," David said. "You get dressed everyday, you walk outside."

"You can show everyone who you are by just walking out the door and expressing yourself," Gonzalez added. "Pride means being you and expressing yourself."

There was plenty of spandex to be seen as they played on the superhero theme. Drapery was also a big part of the collection with capes, ribbon cuffs, and billowing sleeves. Hints of sparkles and embroidery also helped elevate pieces from a more costume look to avant garde fashion. Overall, it was effortlessly cohesive, and a unique homage to pride.

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