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Allbirds launches collaboration with Rosie Assoulin

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Allbirds x Rosie Assoulin
Sustainable footwear brand Allbirds is launching a playful slider for summer in collaboration with fashion designer Rosie Assoulin.

The Allbirds x Rosie Assoulin Sugar Slider was born through a “shared appreciation for natural materials,” explains the footwear company and their “synergistic passion for sustainability”.

Launching on June 15, Assoulin has designed a Sugar Slider inspired by nostalgic summertime memories from her childhood featuring her signature bold statements and unique patterns in two colourways, cherry and pistachio.

The unisex sliders are made with Allbirds’ SweetFoam, a sugarcane-based foam that offers consumers a comfortable shoe that is also low-impact on the environment.

Image: Allbirds x Rosie Assoulin

Commenting on the partnership, Assoulin told FashionUnited over e-mail: “We are excited to partner with Allbirds on these fun, summer Sugar Sliders! Allbirds is doing such great work in the material innovation space, which is what spoke to us and drove our desire to partner with them.

“We've been working on bringing this partnership to life for nearly two years now - it started in the early days of the pandemic as a fun and meaningful project. During this time, I was watching documentaries with my kids and learned a lot about regenerative farming and carbon sequestration, and we were really curious about these practices, so it’s been intriguing to work on this project exploring the use of new and forward-thinking materials. We wanted to bring these materials and this style to life with a bit of exuberance, playfulness and whimsy in the spirit of summer.”

To celebrate the collaboration, Allbirds and Assoulin have also announced that they are donating to two organisations, the Rodale Institute, which provides education to farmers around regenerative practices and the Ron Finley Project, which transforms food deserts into food sanctuaries.

The Allbirds x Rosie Assoulin sliders are available from allbirds.co.uk, priced 60 pounds.

Image: Allbirds x Rosie Assoulin
Rosie Assoulin