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ASV brings West Coast relaxed fashion with a NY twist for LA Fashion Week

By Sara Ehlers


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Los Angeles - Founded in spring 2010, ASV emerged as as sister line to Asava. The line, brought to fruition by designer Polpat Asavaprapha, presented in Los Angeles for the first time this year. At the Alexandria Ballrooms in downtown, Asavaprapha presented a collection of beach-inspired, contemporary looks with a soft beach, sunset color palette. With an established Asian market already in place, Asavaprapha chatted with FashionUnited on plans for expansion into the U.S. and other major markets.

What inspired you to create ASV?

This collection is based on the ‘LA Girl.’ This collection is called ‘LAX, Love You To the Max.’ I went to UCLA here [in LA] for a few years, then I moved to New York for ten years. So this time, it’s mashing up between New York girls and LA girls. Most of my collection is very structured and very Park Avenue girl, but this time it’s more ‘LA’ because this whole inspiration comes from [seeing] a painting of Malibu Beach. All of those colors are actually the palette for this collection. For the past work of mine I have always been inspiredly activewear, but this time it is more beachwear-inspired with bikini tops and details like that—that’s the whole inspiration. [The idea is] a New York girl who came to LA and has more beach vibes with beautiful messy hair and sun-kissed skin.

Besides the scenery of the beach, how did Los Angeles inspire you for this line?

I wanted the collection to be fun and add a little bohemian spirit. I think the LA girl has a more [carefree] attitude. I think the [headties] in my collection contrast that element and show off that spirit. You will see a lot [looks] with a feminine top with tulle paired with cargo pants to bring that contrast. My work always plays against that contrasts with [femininity and masculinity].

What makes your collection stand out from your original line, Asava?

This is my second sister line to Asava, ASV, which is more adventurous and approachable. You will see a lot of different fabrics and colors, in comparison to Asava which is more structured with black, grey, and navy colors. In ASV, you will see a more of mix between the tops and bottoms in their silhouettes. Asava is more of a perfect combination, whereas this line is a little more fun and [relaxed].

Is ASV currently available in LA and NY markets?

We are not available yet in the states but we are talking with a lot of agents. This is my second home so I would like the line to be available here. The line is [currently] available online and across Asia, Bangkok, China, Hong Kong, and Japan. These are more of our [popular] markets because of the body type of our clientele. I think LA will be a great target market because of the fashion as well as the climate. For us, I think California is perfect for ASV—it’s a good market.

How did you end up showing at LAFW for the first time?

They had invited us for many years, but normally Bangkok fashion week is at the same time as LA. But this year Bangkok was a month earlier, so we thought, "Why not?”

What do you predict is next for ASV?

Fashion is always unpredictable, but I love what I do. After this, I’m going to Tokyo for tokyo fashion week. Next year we will be doing more things in China and we have a plan for Paris and London. Unfortunately, I don’t think too much on the business side, but I just think about what I like to do and what I’m happy to do. At the end of the day, I just want to make sure I’m proud of what I present [at the shows].

ASV’s Spring/Summer 2018 line will be available coming out this upcoming February. The pieces will retail from approximately 150-300 dollars. After exposing the sister line in LA with such a huge influence from the city, it’ll be interesting to see how Asavaprapha grows the fashion line in the U.S. in the future. Only time will tell whether or not LA will be the brand’s next major market.

Photos: FashionUnited

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