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Atelier Swarovski to launch first Fairtrade gold collection

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Atelier Swarovski is set to launch its first fine jewellery collection in Fairtrade Gold at jewellery show Baselworld, which benefits miners and the environment in Peru.

The latest Atelier Swarovski collection is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to “conscious luxury” and is made with Swarovski created diamonds and Fairtrade gold, to puts sustainability centre-stage. Key highlights of the collection includes the brilliant blue colouring and the luxury style of the pieces, which includes earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces.

The Fairtrade Gold used in the 18K Swarovski collection comes from Minera Limata Limitada co-operative in Peru, which has 31 members mining Fairtrade gold under challenging conditions at an altitude of 4600 meters above sea level.

The open pit mine has been Fairtrade certified since the beginning of the year. Most members traditionally earn a living by breeding alpaca, however, mining gold has provided them with an additional source of income to help them improve their livelihoods.

As a Fairtrade cooperative, Limata pays special attention to protecting both people and the environment. In addition to the market price, miners receive a Fairtrade Premium of 2,000 dollars per kilo of pure gold, to improve the sustainability of the production and development projects that benefit the entire community. The members of the cooperative decide independently and democratically how the Fairtrade Premium will be used.

Images: courtesy of Atelier Swarovski

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