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Balmain announces collaboration with Evian ahead of PFW

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Evian x Balmain

Balmain’s creative director Olivier Rousteing will unveil a couture gown made from recycled plastic bottle waste during Paris Fashion Week as part of the French fashion house’s new collaboration with Evian water.

Evian and Balmain state that the partnership is through a “shared vision to dream, innovate and create together,” and will feature large-scale partnerships to explore “new paths and redefine the codes of couture”.

This will include a limited-edition 75cl glass bottle designed by Rousteing, incorporating Balmain’s signature Baroque embellishments, as well as a couture gown made from a unique fabric crafted from recycled Evian plastic bottles to showcase the water brand’s sustainable technology.

Image: Evian x Balmain; Olivier Rousteing

The Evian x Balmain couture gown will be revealed at the Balmain Festival during Paris Fashion Week on September 28 as it looks to “redefine the codes of design innovation”. The gown, inspired by water’s purity and power, has been woven from a singular fine monofilament polyester yarn that is made up of 46 percent recycled Evian rPET flakes from Evian bottles.

As the couture gown has been made in a mono-material fabric, both brands added that it would be possible to be recycled or turned back into Evian bottles in the future.

Image: Evian x Balmain

Evian collaborates with Balmain on a couture dress made from its recycled plastic bottles

For the design of the gown, Rousteing played with the unique sculptural possibilities of the innovative Evian fabric, as well as taking inspiration from the hypnotic and magnetic pathway of a whirlpool. This led to him pleating the gown into seductive swirls to highlight the fabric’s aquatic-like brilliant shimmer and sparkle.

Commenting on the collaboration, Rousteing said in a statement: “As we all know, the fashion industry needs to honestly face past shortcomings and finally admit that we can no longer postpone long-delayed changes. That’s why I’ve pushed for inclusive runways that reflect the real beauty of our world and more sustainable materials that respect the need to preserve that incredible beauty.

“And that’s why I am so happy to announce Balmain’s new partnership with Evian, one of France’s most iconic brands. Evian has helped make clear to all of us that an embrace of the values of integrity and beauty can help form the basis of refreshingly honest communications, as well as carbon-neutral, sustainable products.”

Image: Evian x Balmain

The dress will premiere on the Balmain Paris Fashion Week catwalk, part of a broader Balmain Festival at the Stade Jean Bouin on September 28, which will also include musical performances.

Dawid Borowiec, global director at Evian, added: “At Evian, we are constantly looking to identify forward-thinking partners who share our values and with whom we can pioneer together to go beyond and discover thought-provoking solutions. Building on our strong existing presence in global fashion partnerships, it has been an incredible experience working with Balmain and Olivier Rousteing, celebrating legacy, optimism, and a shared determination to push forward sustainable innovation in the industry.

“Our Evian x Balmain gown is a shining example of something striking and unique that can be achieved at the intersection of innovation, design, and sustainability, which we hope will inspire many.”

Image: Evian x Balmain

Balmain is teaming up with Evian to launch a limited-edition water bottle

The gown will be followed up with the release of the Evian x Balmain glass bottle at the end of October. The bottle will feature light blue lace touches and aqua-like droplets inspired by Evian’s natural water, alongside ornate Baroque details and gold lettering synonymous with the house of Balmain.

Image: Evian x Balmain

Commenting on designing the water bottle, Rousteing explained that he was channelling the historic adornments that surround and inspire him: “When I walk the avenues of Paris, I am constantly drawn to the examples of Baroque ornamentation set atop this city’s most impressive monuments and structures – and that distinctive beauty is often echoed in my work.

“Knowing that flamboyant Baroque flourishes are so often paired with priceless materials to frame and highlight some of France’s most splendid creations, I cannot think of a better pattern to highlight the precious contents of Evian’s bottles: incomparably beautiful, crystal-clear mineral water.”

The Evian x Balmain limited-edition 75cl bottles will hit shelves in late October across multiple global markets.

Image: Evian x Balmain
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