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BARTS swimwear; for every woman and every body

By Sponsor

Jul 21, 2021


Endless summer days. Whether you experience them relaxed, sporty, in the water or beside the water, they deserve a surprising, colourful, elegant and above all comfortable look. With the new swimwear collection, BARTS styles the ultimate summer look. For every woman and for every body. So that every woman can experience the hottest and best days of the year with confidence.

BARTS develops swimwear with extra attention to design, comfort and fit. BARTS believes it is important for women to feel confident and feminine, regardless of their body shape. This season, therefore, even more attention has been paid to the items to ensure both a comfortable fit and a fashionable look & feel.

The collection of women's swimwear has a strong focus on the female form, including a variety of tight-fitting swimsuits and well-fitting bikinis. After all, one woman's body is not like another and every woman has her own personality and preferences. For example, one body needs more support than the other. With different types of bikini tops, BARTS has developed a collection that will suit every woman. Another advantage of many of the items in the collection is the possibility of removing the padding and of wearing the straps in different ways. Also in briefs there is enough diversity. There is a high waist brief in the collection where the top can be folded down, so that the brief can also be worn lower. But we also looked at different shapes of the back of a pair of the briefs. The 'cheeky bum' shows just a bit more buttock and the 'high cut briefs' create optically longer legs.

The collection has 14 different types of bikini tops and 10 types of bikini bottoms. Women who prefer swimsuits have also been thought of. With no less than eight different types of swimsuits, there is enough choice for every woman and every body.

The various types all come in different designs. The designs are trendy, unique and diverse: from colour block patterns to animal prints and botanically inspired designs. Colours include rust brown, dark green, dark blue and deep pink. Black and white lovers are also thought of, as the collection offers plenty of choice within this theme. To conclude, one more big advantage. All items are sold separately. Ideal for mixing and matching, according to your own preference and taste.

Read more about BARTS on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/barts