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Bershka x National Geographic

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Bershka is highlighting its sustainable credentials with a capsule collection with National Geographic featuring its nature photography across a range of outdoor apparel, T-shirts and accessories.

The Bershka x National Geographic collection aims to remind shoppers of the “beauty of our precious natural world” and features National Geographic photography including glacial landscapes, mountain scenes, and intimate wildlife photography, including an artic wolf and a red panda, across coats, hoodies, crew neck sweaters, T-shirts and backpacks.

The collection is part of the fashion brand’s Join Life sustainability label, which promotes designs created from recycled polyester or ecologically grown cotton, for instance the puffer jackets are made using 100 percent recycled polyester padding, while the T-shirts are 100 percent ecologically grown cotton and hoodies are at least 65 percent ecologically grown cotton.

While the accessories, the belt-bag and backpack feature at least 25 percent and 50 percent recycled polyester respectively.

Bershka has also made other environmental pledges including developing an 'eco-efficient' shop management model, by integrating sustainability and efficiency criteria, which will allow for a reduction in energy consumption of 20 percent. The retailer is also reducing the production of waste by recycling hangers or alarms, which are collected at the shops to become other plastic items, and in 2020 it will remove all plastic bags.

By 2023, all single-use packaging will be eliminated and, by 2025, all cotton and linen will be sustainable and all polyester will be recycled.

Prices for the Bershka x National Geographic range from 15.99 pounds for a T-shirt to 89.99 pounds for a puffer jacket.

Images: courtesy of Bershka

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