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Brunello Cucinelli to launch fragrances with EuroItalia

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Brunello Cucinelli/EuroItalia

Italian fashion brand Brunello Cucinelli has announced it is developing its first fragrances in collaboration with EuroItalia.

This marks Brunello Cucinelli’s first foray into beauty and will include a scent for women and one for men developed by fragrance manufacturer EuroItalia, which specialises in creating and distributing luxury perfumes.

Both the Brunello Cucinelli pour Femme and Brunello Cucinelli pour Homme fragrances have been inspired by the Italian region of Umbria, where the brand is headquartered.

The women’s fragrance, created by master perfumer Daphné Bugey offers up sweet chestnut, bergamot, mandarin, and orange blossom, as well as pink pepper and prestige woods. While the men’s fragrance, created by French master perfumer Olivier Cresp, includes the essence of cypress balanced by spicy juniper and other refined ingredients such as angelica, black pepper, clary sage and ginger.

Image: Brunello Cucinelli/EuroItalia

Commenting on the move into beauty, Brunello Cucinelli, said in a statement: “I am particularly glad to be announcing this new production, which adds two perfumes, one for women and one for men, to the line of elegance of our Casa di Moda. Some years ago, on the passing of my very dear friend, a producer of aromatic essences, a beautiful soul, I dreamt that one day I would dedicate a new product to his memory.

“I’m making that dream come true, a dream I’ve never abandoned in all these years. That long wait, which I see as a value in itself, inspired me. Just consider how long perfumes have fascinated women and men and accompanied them through life, from the antiquity of the east to the modernity of the west. I like to think that a fragrance, used in moderation, is like a caress: along with trust, it gives someone a vision of the world, in colour.”

Giovanni Sgariboldi, founder and president of EuroItalia, added: "EuroItalia shares Brunello Cucinelli’s insistence on excellence, quality, detail, innovation, creativity. Our knowledge of the market and the advanced technology used in our particular sector has made it possible to transfer Brunello Cucinelli fashion and design to these luxury olfactory creations."

Brunello Cucinelli