Cannabis brand MedMen launches apparel line

Cannabis company MedMen has expanded into apparel. The LA-based lifestyle brand, which operates 19 licensed cannabis facilities in five key states, aims to help mainstream the sale and use of marijuana in the United States. Its apparel line launched this week to act as an outlet for the brand to connect with consumers outside of its current key market.

The brand uses its retail dispensaries to educate consumers on the uses, benefits and facts of cannabis as a measure to de-stigmatize the culture around marijuana. At a legal level, MedMen financially supports proposed marijuana laws at across local, state and federal jurisdictions.

Cannabis brand MedMen launches apparel line

"MedMen has been shattering stereotypes about cannabis use and educating consumers about its use and benefits since its inception," brand president and co-founder Andrew Modlin told Fashion United. "We have also focused our efforts on shaping MedMen as a retail brand for a wide range of consumers, and fashion was the natural avenue to expand our tradition of innovation."

MedMen's new apparel and merchandise line is intended to increase the brand's cultural footprint with the launch of apparel and merchandise. The collection is comprised of 8 key pieces - a varsity jacket, black foil tee, gray chenille hoodie, dad hat, yoga mat, pins, key chain and graphic tees.

Cannabis brand MedMen launches apparel line

Each style works to widen familiarity with the brand through incorporating the iconic MedMen Red color scheme. The products range in price from 15 to 129 and are available for purchase through a standalone e-commerce site.

MedMen had previously sold limited styles of apparel at select physical retail locations.

Cannabis brand MedMen launches apparel line

"With the launch of the apparel line, MedMen can now widen our reach across the US and engage with consumers in any market regardless of whether there is a MedMen location nearby," Modlin said. "Even in states where cannabis is not yet legal, MedMen apparel will create awareness around the idea of normalizing and mainstreaming marijuana."

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