Celeb stylist Karla Welch collabs with Dockers to create genderless collection

Karla Welch, the celebrity stylist behind names including Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lawrence, Tracee Ellis Ross and more, has become known as a designer in and around the fashion industry thanks to her collaborations with classically American brands like Hanes and Levi’s. Now, she’s teamed up with Dockers, an all-American brand known for its menswear — more specifically, khakis.

As part of the collaboration, Dockers will be launching its first gender-inclusive collection. According to a press release, Welch felt it was time to expand the clothing brand’s offerings beyond those designed with men in mind.

“My dad carried Dockers in his store and I have just always loved a good khaki pant on a man,” Welch said in a statement. “But I was always thinking…well, where are mine?”

The collection, which ranges from 60 USD to 600 USD, features five khaki and cotton basics including a trench coat, pants and shirts, which are available the stylist’s website. In addition, there are also a bucket hat and a belt.

Image: xKarla




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