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Chanel receives online backlash for its lacklustre 825 dollar advent calendar

By Don-Alvin Adegeest

Dec 6, 2021


Image: Chanel advent calendar 2021

Chanel found itself in the middle of an online backlash after its annual Christmas advent calendar was scrutinised on TikTok for being expensive and lacklustre.

Costing 825 dollars, or 610 pounds, the calendar features ‘gifts’ like Chanel stickers, magnets, an empty dustbag and a string bracelet with a No. 5 logo, with users complaining the hu-hum of contents do not match the price.

The TikTok videos showed users unpacking the calendar box, with one user receiving over 11 million views at time of writing. With 27 boxes in the calendar, each houses a gift, such as makeup, fragrance or a Chanel-branded surprise. It is the latter which received a torrent of negative comments on Instagram for being surprisingly ‘cheap.’

One user described the ‘tiny’ user sample of body cream packed under number 31 to contain “just enough cream for my left arm.” Others said the items were similar to free gifts with purchase from its makeup and fragrance ranges.

While Chanel’s website clearly states the contents of the calendar, the monetary value of each item is not listed. There seems to be a disconnect with the customer who may find the gifts sufficiently ‘fun’ as opposed to a customer who is looking for value for money for Chrimstas.

Chanel states on its website: “This collector’s item is comprised of 27 boxes numbered from 5 to 31, each of which contains a full-sized fragrance or makeup product, a miniature or another surprise marked with Gabrielle Chanel’s lucky number. A piece to treasure for years to come.”