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Charles and Keith celebrates 25th anniversary with capsule collection

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

Sep 27, 2021

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Image: courtesy of Charles and Keith

Footwear and accessories brand Charles and Keith is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a limited-edition capsule collection that “pays homage to its past, while reflecting its present and offering a glimpse into its future”.

The anniversary series features minimalist flat sandals, feminine heels and classic chunky boots, designed to “integrate seamlessly into any woman’s wardrobe,” explains the brand, alongside a curated collection of bags.

Highlights include 90s-inspired footwear elements, such as square toes, chunky soles and strappy uppers, as an ode to the decade in which the brand was born, as well as the Sonia line of accessories, consists of a padded bag, a boxy bag and a padded wallet.

Image: courtesy of Charles and Keith

Reflecting on the brand’s anniversary, Charles and Keith’s executive director, Emmanuelle Mace-Driskill, said in a statement: “There are moments in life to celebrate, and this is a special one — Charles and Keith turns twenty-five years old. Over the last two decades, we’re proud to have grown into a brand that empowers women to experience the world of fashion, bringing them joy with collections that reflect innovation and retrospection.

“At Charles and Keith, we are committed to offering the latest and best in fashion, where trends for shoes and accessories are continually being reinvented. To celebrate this milestone, we have curated a collection of shoes and bags featuring some of our most iconic styles, using recycled materials that are suited for everyday wear.”

Image: courtesy of Charles and Keith

The collection also pays homage to Charles and Keith’s commitments to a “better future” as the collection is made entirely of eco-friendly recycled materials. With the modern and minimalist Arabella recycled nylon slingback sandals and slide sandals, made using rubber that has been upcycled into translucent soles that sport a speckled confetti design to accentuate the celebratory theme.

While the Sepphe recycled nylon grommet slingback pumps and mules turn heads with recycled plastic heels that feature a hypnotic marbled pattern, which makes each pair unique.

Image: courtesy of Charles and Keith

Alongside the anniversary collection, Charles and Keith will also launch a micro-site featuring an e-book illustrating the brand’s 25-year journey, virtual reality rooms with customisable avatars and 360-degree rooms, as well as a curated Spotify playlist.

Charles and Keith was founded by fashion entrepreneurs Charles Wong and Keith Wong in 1996 as a footwear brand and has grown into a fully-fledged line of footwear, bags, eyewear, accessories and costume jewellery for women. In 2004, it launched e-commerce shipping to more than 70 destinations and is now available throughout the UK, the US, Asia Pacific, and Europe.

Image: courtesy of Charles and Keith