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Discover BAV TAiLOR at The Lincoln Milano – a new conscious space

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Bav Tailor at The Lincoln Milano

The Lincoln Milano is a cute conscious concept store located in one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods of Milano. It was born from the friendship of three businesswomen coming from very different backgrounds: design, architecture, and law, with a common passion for conscious living and slow fashion.

The Lincoln Milano

Fruzsina, Cristina and Nadia have curated a beautiful selection of brands including BAV TAiLOR with a vision for luxury, craftsmanship, and a particular focus towards sustainability.

The Lincoln offers ethically made brands from all over the world, from Peru, Mexico, Nigeria, to Hungary, UK, Greece, and Spain, as well as Italy.

The beautiful selection of items are mostly hand-made by local artisans using traditional fabrics and materials of the premium quality, offering pieces infused with love, value and a story that will last for generations to come.

The BAV TAiLOR pieces in store includes a consolidated selection of exclusive key essentials created with purpose, rather than with the mindset of superfluous. A perfect wardrobe of archetypal silhouettes and sharp tailoring presented in sustainably innovative materials such as indulgent no-cruelty lustrous mohair ethically sourced from certified farms with sustainable production processes, juxtaposed with precious Biellese green certified wool detailing. Pieces in responsibly sourced silk remains a must have fabric for Bav due to scientific energy benefits that stem from Indian culture where silk is known to attract and absorb electromagnetic energy to create an instant feeling of calm and concentration whilst providing hypoallergenic and beauty enhancing properties.

Bav Tailor at The Lincoln Milano

A selection of pieces from the SUKKHA CITTA “Artisanal Lab” platform which endeavours to showcase the refined craftsmanship of global artisans and promote creative talent. The pieces incorporate a hand-painted batik silk twill detail - a project meaning happiness in Indonesian with the vision of ethically sustaining rural artisans in Indonesia, using ancient craftsmanship as a vehicle for social impact. The embodiment of their mission - True Luxury is #MadeRight - is to bring back century old traditions and create impact with each of their fabrics. A silk twill fabric naturally dyed using Jelawe, a local fruit used for its tanning and homeopathic properties, and hand-batiked by rural artisans in Gesikharjo, East Java.

Key accessories, perfect as gift for any occasion include the silk and Lavender seeds Aromatherapy Eye Mask and Dream Journal set, the Shanti Leaf Clutch in a signature material for Bav, the elephant ear plant leaf responsibly cultivated from the Amazon forests and handcrafted under the splendour of the Tuscan sun, and the lightweight Sattva Foulard to add a touch of finesse to any outfit, made out of Resilk®, an innovative fibre created from pure silk excess production material, seconds, scraps, branded fabrics and obsolete stock.

Each BAV TAiLOR piece remains an authentic hallmark of 100% Made-in-Italy ethical production.

For enquires: sales@bavtailor.com



Bav Tailor at The Lincoln Milano
Bav Tailor at The Lincoln Milano
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