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Eton x Björn Frantzén

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Credits: Eton

Custom Made Shirts Meet Culinary Excellence

In the world of menswear and gastronomy, attention to detail is not just appreciated—it's expected. This shared ethos forms the cornerstone of the exciting collaboration between Eton–renowned for their high-end shirts–and Michelin-starred chef Björn Frantzén. This partnership celebrates the dedication to excellence throught custom-made shirts, setting a new benchmark in the luxury apparel market.

Eton, a brand synonymous with quality and sartorial style in menswear, has long been the go-to label for those seeking impeccable dress shirts. Their dedication to crafting the perfect shirt mirrors Chef Frantzén's commitment to culinary excellence. Both realms demand a mastery of materials, whether fabric or ingredients, and an acute attention to the minutiae of the craft.

The collaboration came naturally, stemming from a mutual respect for each other's work and a shared Swedish heritage. Björn Frantzén, known for his innovative approach to Nordic cuisine, brings a meticulous eye for detail that aligns seamlessly with Eton’s sartorial philosophy. "Working with Eton allows me to merge my aesthetic values with a brand that epitomizes high quality and timeless elegance," says Frantzén.

The highlight of this collaboration is the custom-made white shirt, inspired by the chef's own professional attire but refined for the versatile lifestyle that comes with the profession. Each shirt can be personalized extensively, allowing customers to select everything from the fabric and collar type to the cuff style and monogramming, creating a truly unique piece that reflects the wearer's personal style and stature.

A Canvas of Culinary and Menswear Mastery

This initiative isn't just about creating clothes; it's about enriching lifestyles, promoting a narrative where fashion and food share more than just occasional intersections—they share a canvas. "Just as my dishes provide a taste experience, Eton’s Custom Made Shirts offer a visual and tactile delight," Frantzén elaborates.

For those interested, Eton's dedicated platform for the collaboration provides an immersive digital experience, guiding customers through the customization process. It's a testament to how technology can enhance traditional tailoring techniques, offering exclusivity and accessibility in equal measure. As Eton and Björn Frantzén continue to push the boundaries of their respective fields, this partnership stands as a symbol of innovative Swedish excellence, proving that in the pursuit of perfection, whether on a plate or a palette, the details are not just details—they are the design itself.

Experience the luxury of custom-made with Eton and explore how personalized style can elevate your wardrobe.

About Eton

Eton is a leading global luxury men’s shirt and accessories brand founded in 1928 in Sweden. Dedicated to quality, innovation and style, Eton offers a wide assortment of shirts and accessories for every occasion. Their products are available in 50 markets worldwide through EtonShirts.com, as well as flagship stores located in New York, London, Stockholm, and Malmö. Additionally, Eton is featured in some of the leading department stores worldwide such as Harrods, Selfridges, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Harry Rosen, Printemps, Le Bon Marché, KaDeWe, and Lane Crawford.

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