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Fame & Partners launches fully customizable clothing line

By Robyn Turk

Oct 18, 2018


New York - Launched by Australian venture capitalist Nyree Corby with the mission to reduce waste within the fashion industry, LA-based womenswear brand Fame and Partners has a unique method to carrying out its sustainable goals.

Fame and Partners just launched its Custom Clothing Studio, which it describes as “a new way to shop custom clothes, starting with dresses and jumpsuits.” The custom clothing shop offers consumers selections from 100 silhouettes, 30 necklines, 10 backs, 20 colors, 10 sleeves and 6 lengths, to allow countless options for women to completely customize and find the right option.

While working in venture capital and technology, Corby read a statistic that explained half of womenswear items were sold at markdown prices and at least 20 percent of womenswear went to landfill. She deducted that only 30 percent of what was being produced was sold with its original intentions. “I just couldn’t get over the waste,” she told Fashion United. “One thing that doesn’t resonate with me is the consumerism that fast fashion drives. We’ve got this culture now where everyone’s like, ‘buy, buy, buy,’ all these items turn into disposable fashion.”

Customization can prevent waste within fashion

Corby’s solution to the waste problem goes into the supply chain. “I realized that if someone could build a supply chain that could manufacture custom, single-piece products at the same unit price as bulk manufacturing, that would eliminate a lot of waste within the industry, because you could literally identify things that people want and make them to order,” she said.

While this solution might seem impossible, Corby and a team of partners built an automated manufacturing system that creates single, made-to-order items at affordable pricing. On the supply side, Fame and Partners’ process is economical in materials used, and on the consumer side, it allows shoppers to customize items to ensure complete satisfaction with their clothing.

Corby launched Fame and Partners in 2014, and by 2017 her idea earned the brand over 10.2 million dollars in funding from investors including Firstmark Capital and Upfront Ventures.

From the brand’s beginning, customization has always been available to consumers. Now with the introduction of Fame and Partners’ new Custom Clothing studio, shoppers have many more options to personalize their items and see a 3-dimensional rendering of their customizations as they make selections.

“The company imagines a future without over-production and environmentally devastating waste by only making clothes to order,” a press release stated. “With advanced production techniques and contemporary designs, the new Custom Clothing Studio aims to empower the modern woman with the tools she needs to express her unique point of view.”

Photos: courtesy of brand

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