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Ffface.me launches world's first semi-digital jeans collection

By Vivian Hendriksz


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Ffface.Me semi-digital jeans collection Credits: Ffface.Me

Innovative tech studio Ffface.Me has launched the world’s first-ever semi-digital jeans collection. In addition to the unique jean designs, this collection provides customers with exclusive digital features accessible via QR code scanning, an innovative approach that lets wearers generate distinctive and standout content for their social media platforms.

"The Semi-Digital Jeans Collection is the first of its kind, attracting online and offline attention to the owner. This is precisely what we expect from modern clothing items," said Dmytro Kornilov, CEO Ffface.Me, in a statement. “We realized that ignoring the physical aspect of a person's life is a false direction. And even though digital reality has become a major part of our lives, our physical bodies still require a physical fashion component.”

Ffface.Me's semi-digital jeans collection Credits: Ffface.Me

The new collection launch builds on Ffface.Me's strategy of leading the way for semi-digital fashion production and underlines the studio’s position as an independent fashion brand. "We manifest that while our future lies in mixed reality, the future of fashion is phygital. That's why now we must contemplate and invent not just digital clothing, but clothing that integrates both realities that are merging," added Kornilov.

The new collection launch, which builds on the studio’s previous collaborations with brands like Bershka, mark’s the first drop in which the digital mode of the product is released without the use of target tracking technology. Instead of incorporating traditional 3D elements, the collection is activated via garment texture itself.

The semi-digital collection of jeans from Ffface.me includes five models, each offering its own digital essence and establishing a new benchmark for the seamless integration of physical and digital design.

Ffface.Me's semi-digital jeans collection Credits: Ffface.Me
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