Streetwear and sportswear retailer Footasylum has revealed that through working with artificial intelligence (AI) company Peak on a new email campaign, it has managed to increase email revenue by 28 percent.

The AI technology helped Footasylum create “hyper-personalised marketing communications” by pushing relevant product recommendations, creating more enticing content and providing customers with more of the products they are interested in.

“Customers now expect high levels of personalisation at every single touchpoint,” said Tom Makin, e-commerce and marketing director at Footasylum in a statement. “With our product offering being so vast, delivering an experience relevant to each user is extremely challenging.

“However, Peak showed us how AI can be used to create a hyper-personalised experience for every single Footasylum customer and that this, in turn, leads to greater customer loyalty and growth.”

The AI technology also helped Footasylum reduce cost per social click by 75 percent during a recent trial. According to Footasylum, the company approached Peak to help identify ways to drive revenues with untapped customer data.

Richard Potter, CEO of Peak, added: “All retailers and enterprises will need to put AI at the heart of their business in the future. Our research shows that retailers using AI are growing 30 percent faster than those who aren’t and Footasylum is a great example of the positive impact the technology can can have.”





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