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From red carpet to runway: Pamella Roland gears up for year of growth

By Rachel Douglass


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Pamella DeVos, president and designer of Pamella Roland at the brand's AW24 NYFW show. Credits: ©Launchmetrics/spotlight

Since the brand’s inception in 2002, Pamella Roland has steadily grown into an eveningwear staple, finding a firm footing among red carpet elite and luxury retailers, alike. To establish such a status, president and designer Pamella DeVos has put her emphasis on catering to a confident woman that demands a versatile wardrobe, and as such seeks pieces that reflect this throughout their wardrobe.

This remained true for the brand’s autumn/winter 2024 collection which was unveiled last night at the ongoing New York Fashion Week (NYFW) – an event Pamella Roland has been a long term regular of. The line, made up of both glamorous gowns and pristine tailoring, was inspired by a recent trip to Belgium, show notes revealed. The aesthetic of the country was therefore reflected in architectural silhouettes and a colour palette of bronze tones, golds and reds, which had been intertwined with historical detailing, another reference to Belgium’s character.

Pamella Roland, AW24. Credits: ©Launchmetrics/spotlight

It was the detailing itself that was described by DeVos as a “fusion of old-world sophistication and contemporary allure”, informing the curation of velvet, sequin and jacquard dresses, which also offered up an array of technical elements – namely 3D organza flowers, draped fringing and dramatic capes – that only carried the concept even further.

Following the show, and on the cusp of what is set to be a busy year for Pamella Roland itself, FashionUnited briefly spoke to DeVos on the current state of red carpets, the fashion atmosphere in New York and the short-term future of the brand.

Pamella Roland, AW24. Credits: ©Launchmetrics/spotlight

Who is the current Pamella Roland muse?

Our muse has always been our customers. We love seeing how they wear our clothes, and they are always inspiring us to be as exceptional as they know us to be.

Who is the Pamella Roland customer then?

The Pamella Roland woman evokes self confidence, glamour, and sophistication. She knows how to command a room with her presence, but isn’t afraid to add a little sparkle. We want the Pamella Roland woman to feel confident and beautiful.

During this award season there has been discussions of a lack in demand for evening wear and therefore a shift towards ready-to-wear. Is this something you have experienced yourself? How have you adapted?

For the red carpet we still receive a steady request for gowns, and we haven’t experienced a decline in evening wear requests for awards season. If anything we have been getting more requests. Rather than ready-to-wear, we have had more clients asking for suiting options for red carpet events.

Pamella Roland, AW24. Credits: ©Launchmetrics/spotlight

What importance do red carpets still have for you in today's fashion landscape? Has this part of the industry changed significantly?

Red carpet events can showcase who the Pamella Roland brand is to a wider audience. Especially televised red carpet events. When these stars wear our designs, they show the world a great personification of who the Pamella Roland woman can be. I feel with times like covid and the SAG strike, people now want to go out and have special events to dress up for again.

How do you typically approach red carpet season and make the selection of who will wear your pieces?

We dress every kind of woman, helping her to embrace her self confidence, glamour, and sophistication. We recently dressed Issa Rae for the Golden Globes; and the Emmys. She is a powerhouse, and we were so thrilled to be a part of her recent big moments.

In New York, there have also been regular reports of investments into the local fashion industry. Have such efforts been evident in the past year?

I have been a part of the CFDA [Council of Fashion Designers of America] since 2010, and they offer invaluable resources to emerging and existing designers. Resources which are very important in providing security to designers, and allowing them to create something authentic to themselves.

Pamella Roland, AW24. Credits: ©Launchmetrics/spotlight

I also think it is important for brands in general to invest in social media, as it is a key to strategically marketing a brand to a wide audience. Influencers and celebrities have a following which is helpful for American designers to connect with - allowing for a larger impact for both their business and the fashion industry in general.

What do you think the city needs to do in order to support its local designs and production? Is there anything still lacking?

The city needs better ways to promote local talent. There are many talented artists out there whose voices just blend in with everyone else’s via social media. The city needs to have more events and spaces where artists can network and meet other talents. Forming relationships with people who can help them realise their fullest potential.

Regarding this AW24 collection, what was your inspiration? What informed the designs? How have they evolved on typical Pamella Roland codes?

For this AW24 collection, we drew inspiration from my recent trip to Belgium. We wanted to seamlessly blend the country’s historical charm with modern elegance. The designs showcase a fusion of old-world sophistication and contemporary allure. Embroidery mimics the intricate architecture, adding a touch of royal opulence.

Pamella Roland, AW24. Credits: ©Launchmetrics/spotlight

Velvet and brocade fabrics provide a luxurious texture, reflecting the plush ambiance of Brussels' historic interiors. We brought cashmere back for this season, and we took it to another level with beautiful embroidery. Our opening look is a cashmere cape with The Grand Place embroidered onto it with gold thread and gold sequin flowers.

What does the near future look like for Pamella Roland?

We are always looking to grow the world of Pamella Roland. Recently, we have done a lot as a brand to evolve with and beyond our clothing line. Our first fragrance was a success, so everyone should look forward to further expansion of our fragrance line. We are also looking to continue our partnership with Rizzoli as we build off of the success for our first coffee table book.

Further, we experienced great success in our partnership with Harrods, and we really want to explore where we can showcase the Pamella Roland brand on a deeper level. We want to discover where we can give the full Pamella Roland experience, so customers can get a first-hand look at the artistry we put into our designs. Online is the fastest way to access our designs, but nothing compares to seeing the craftsmanship in person.

Pamella Roland, AW24. Credits: ©Launchmetrics/spotlight
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