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Front Row at Amsterdam Fashion Week: See Spijkers & Spijkers up close

By Vivian Hendriksz


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Amsterdam - Have you always wanted to sit front row at headline show during Fashion Week? Then now is your chance to experience the sensation, as FashionUnited takes you to the front row during Spijkers & Spijkers Amsterdam Fashion Week show at the Westerunie. See Truus Spijkers and Riet Spijkers present their eponymous brand Autumn/Winter 2017 collection and debut their new denim line Spijkers Denim at Amsterdam Fashion Week and enjoy FashionUnited's interactive, 360 degree photographs.

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This is an interactive tour made up of five 360 degree photos. Click on the arrow-icons to navigate through the photos. Within the photos you will also see circle-icons which feature more photos and videos of the show.

Tip: For an optimal experience please view the photos in fullscreen. To enter fullscreen mode first click on 'play' and then on the 'fullscreen' icon in the right hand corner. Do not forget to make sure your sound is on.

The 360 degree photographs were made with a special camera that is able to capture its entire surroundings simultaneously. You can scroll through photographs and explore the show in 360 degrees via laptop using your mouse, or via tablet or smartphone using your finger.

Founded in 2000 by sister design duo Truus and Riet, Spijkers & Spijkers is best known for its graphic detailing and exceptional use of colour. Inspired by strong leading ladies from the roaring 1920s, as well as the 'Suffragettes,' the designers aim to empower and encourage women to be their true and confident selves through their designs. Spijkers & Spijkers saw its London Fashion Week debut in 2005, thanks to Fashion East, with its Spring/Summer 2006 collection Tahitian Lover. A year later the Dutch fashion label switched to showign at On|Off, showing their collections alongside with Gareth Pugh and Marios Schwab. After showing their collections in London and Milan for a number of year, the duo returned to Amsterdam in 2010 to launch their diffusion line SIS, which is short for sister.

360 degree content, backstage photos and video: Inge Beekmans for FashionUnited

Catwalk Photos Spijkers & Spijkers. Credit: Peter Stigter.

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