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Ganni unveils new bag made from orange and cacti waste

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Ganni; ‘Bou’ bag, autumn/winter 2023

Danish fashion brand Ganni showcased the ‘Bou’ bag made from orange and cacti waste and recycled plastic as part of its commitment to phase out virgin leather from all its products by the end of 2023.

The ‘Bou’ bag is described as the brand’s new hero product and was unveiled during Ganni’s autumn/winter 2023 show at Copenhagen Fashion Week. The playful hexagonal shape was crafted in collaboration with Ohoskin, an innovative Italian fabric start-up founded in 2019 by textile designer Adriana Santanocito and chemist Roberto Merighi.

Ohoskin has created an innovative plant-based coated textile made with the by-products of orange and cactus farming, both found on the island of Sicily where they are based, combined with recycled plastic. The patented circular process is fully traceable through blockchain and offers fashion brands a vegan, leather alternative with high durability.

Image: Ganni; ‘Bou’ bag made with Ohoskin

Ganni has used the Ohoskin fabric, which consists of 48 percent plant-based content and 52 percent recycled plastics, for its ‘Bou’ bag and its signature cleated leather.

Ditte Reffstrup, creative director at Ganni, said in a statement: “This bag is really what Ganni is all about. We really wanted to design something that speaks to a modern luxury mindset. We wanted to create a really unique design that still carries the Ganni DNA, something that feels easy, playful, but still sophisticated. A bag made to follow you everywhere.

“I’m also so proud to be launching this silhouette in a new innovative fabric that brings us one step closer to becoming free from virgin leather by 2023. It’s such an exciting moment for us and I can’t wait to see people make it part of their everyday life.”

The ‘Bou’ made in Ohoskin fabric will be available exclusively in Ganni stores from April, alongside styles in recycled leather. Prices range from 325 to 425 pounds / 345 to 445 euros / 425 to 525 US dollars.

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