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Golden Goose partners with Coronet to invest in sustainability

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Golden Goose

Luxury sneaker brand Golden Goose is pushing ahead with its sustainability plan with a partnership with Coronet, a Milan-based producer of synthetic and plant-based leather alternatives, to launch Yatay, the first Made in Italy co-action platform for sustainable innovation.

Golden Goose announced in March that it would be merging with a renowned research and development Italian supplier as part of its plan to elevate its commitment to sustainability and scalability solutions, and in Coronet they have found a leader in animal-free, bio-based and recycled materials research and production.

The two companies will launch Yatay at the end of 2022, combining Golden Goose’s knowledge of its consumer with Coronet’s cutting-edge innovation to create innovations that provide positive social and economic impact, whilst maintaining the lowest environmental footprint.

This partnership, they add will allow continuous testing phases, directly verifying the results on the Golden Goose products, collecting consumers’ feedback, and subsequently making the innovations available for luxury players.

Image: Golden Goose

Golden Goose and Coronet to launch a new sustainable sneaker

The initial focus of the partnership will be a new innovative sneaker, the Yatay Model 1B, developed utilising the most advanced technologies and bio-based materials that launches on April 22. The gender-neutral sneaker will be entirely made in Italy and made from Yatay B, a bio-based material derived from vegetable sources and components including recycled polyester and biodegradable rubber. The use of Yatay B reduces CO2 emissions by 90 percent and water usage by 65 percent compared to leather.

Image: Golden Goose

Other highlights of the minimalistic highly durable animal-free sneaker is a biodegradable sole, which is made by hand-engraving print, making each piece unique and giving it Golden Goose’s lived-in signature. The shoe also has a white Y running from one side to the other to symbolise the principle of circularity and features white laces in recycled cotton and polyester.

In addition, the left heel tab of Yatay Model 1B has a unique code embossed, which when entered by the wearer will allow them to take part in the Golden Goose’s environmental activities such as accessing a dedicated area to plant a tree, monitor its growth and the see how much CO2 it absorbs.

Image: Golden Goose

The packaging has also been designed to reduce waste. The box is completely recyclable and made of up to 50 percent recycled FSC paper and serves as both the shoe box and the shipping package.

The move states Golden Goose is to encourage its community to make small actions, which it adds together can “create a chain of positive changes”.

The Golden Goose Yatay Model 1B retails for 250 pounds / 295 euros / 350 US dollars via the brand’s website.

Image: Golden Goose
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