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Good American moves into maternity jeans for women

By Sara Ehlers


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Good American recently has decided to move into a new territory of clothing. The Los Angeles-based brand just confirmed a new maternity line called Good Mama.

As one of the co-founders, Khloe Kardashian, is currently pregnant, the new line seems to be a smooth transition for the label. The maternity offerings will be officially available on the brand's online website starting this Thursday, March 22. The collection will range in price from 149 to 179 dollars for a pair of maternity jeans. The sizes will vary from 00-24 including various fits and statement styles for the modern, stylish woman. As the jean label has been successful in the past, it'll be interesting to see how venturing into a new category of women will affect the brand's profits.

Last year, Good American announced its first pop-up boutique on the West Coast. The store was at Americana and Brand in Glendale for the holiday season. The retail apparel line offered its fit jeans, bodysuits and sweaters which ranged originally from 75 to 198 dollars in price. It seems that the maternity line will include only jeans and not the brand's other apparel, ranging in styles with mid and low-rise fits.

Photo Source: Instagram / Good American

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