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Grey Denim is one of 2025’s hottest trends

By Jayne Mountford


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Grey Denim 2025 main image Credits: Grey Denim 2025 main image/©Launchmetrics/spotlight

As we look towards trends for 2025 it is apparent that when it comes to denim, grey is the new blue. It’s a neutral color that works year-round, fresher than blue but softer than black, it pairs well with numerous colors and items. Grey denim was all over the streets of New York and Europe last runway season, from bootcut, slim, and low-rise jeans, to skirts, dresses, and jackets. Designers showed how to style grey denim during the FW24 runway season, looks that will go forward into next year.

Akris FW24: designer, Albert Kriemler

Akris FW24/ Look 21 Credits: Akris FW24©Launchmetrics/spotlight
Look 21: a grey denim suit: a two-button jacket with an upturned collar, white stitching and matching cropped pants with olive socks and green metallic sandals.

DIDU FW24: designer, Di Du

DIDU FW24/ Look 19 Credits: DIDU FW24/©Launchmetrics/spotlight

Look 19: a long grey denim skirt with whiskers, a grey knit top with deep neckline and fringe, a black satin jacket, white sneakers, aviator sunglasses and a silver chain belt.

Diesel Pre-Fall 24: designer, Glenn Martens

Diesel FW24/ Look 42 Credits: Diesel FW24/©Launchmetrics/spotlight
Look 42: a dark grey denim zip-up jacket with the puffy logo and skinny pinstripe grey denim jeans. The look was accessorized with a pewter quilted bag and black flats with buckle detail.

Dilara Findikoglu FW24

Findikoglu FW24/ Look 17 Credits: Findikoglu FW24/©Launchmetrics/spotlight

Look 17: a light grey denim jacket with broad ribbed hem and lace-up details and matching midi skirt, black hose and sandals.

Kiminte Kimhekim FW24

Kimhekim FW24/ Look 6 Credits: Kimhekim FW24/©Launchmetrics/spotlight

Look 6: a grey denim bustier converted from a pair of jeans, matching jeans and boots trimmed with long fur.

KNWLS: designers, Charlotte Knowles and Alexandre Arsenault

KNWLS FW24/ Look 9 Credits: KNWLS FW24/©Launchmetrics/spotlight

Look 9: a collarless dark denim zip-up jacket with a basque-like waist and lace-up details; matching overlong jeans, a snakeskin belt and chunky jewelry.

Marco Rambaldi

Marco Rambaldi FW24/ Look 26 Credits: Marco Rambaldi FW24/©Launchmetrics/spotlight

Look 26: a thick grey denim skirt with a heart-shaped embellishment was shown with a black satin shirt and tie under a green off-the-shoulder sweater with a butterfly print. Black boots completed the look.

Mark Fast FW24

Mark Fast FW24/ Look 36 Credits: Mark Fast FW24/©Launchmetrics/spotlight
Look 36: grey denim jeans with detachable legs, and ankle boots in the same fabric were shown with an oversized jacket with a stencil print, over a shorter jacket in the same print.

MM6 Martin Margiela

MM6/ Look 18 Credits: MM6/©Launchmetrics/spotlight

Look 18: grey denim straight legged jeans with contrasting waistband and pockets, was shown with a white sleeveless tee with a faux zipper print.

SRVC: designer, Ricky Harriot

SRVC FW24/ Look 19 Credits: SRVC FW24/©Launchmetrics/spotlight

Look 19: a grey denim cropped jacket with orange stitching and matching floor-length wrap skirt with a buckle was accessorized with black pumps and a cream-colored hobo bag.