Guess co-founders Georges and Armand Marciano have created a legacy with their denim jeans. Recently, the dynamic pairing worked with Cinzia Simone for a new collaboration. The team effort is entitled GM Studio and will serve as a women’s apparel brand.

Simone, Italian-bred designer, has worked in the fashion industry for over a decade. Due to her extensive experience, Georges and Armand Marciano brought in the former consultant for their newest venture into women’s clothing, as reported by Sportswear International. The new brand includes utilitarian assets as well as a stylish overall design aesthetic. Manufactured completely in Los Angeles, the new brand will stay true to SoCal roots (where the Guess brand was created). GM Studio will also have a heavy retro theme with influences from fashion over twenty years ago. Pieces will include denim, t-shirts, casual wear, handbags, accessories, and more.

The newest brand will partially launch this summer in July. The brand will debut in three different parts including a category on denim, accessories, and signature pieces. The parts are respectively titled “The Denim Personality,” “Leather Accessories,” and “Introduction 16,” as reported by Sportswear International. The entire brand will be fully available starting this September, including accessories, staple apparel, and denim.





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