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In Another World - The First Digital Meta Gala

By Pia Schulz


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Image: The Empress of the Metaverse by The Fabricant

Crypto Fashion Week presented its first Meta Gala, followed by an auction of digital costumers in a technology-led presentation of extravagant proportions.

Inspired by the form of New York’s Met Gala, the first virtual Meta Gala took place during Crypto Fashion Week (CFW) presenting a number of extravagant garments, which were auctioned off after the event. Part of the proceeds will go to a new design fund supporting the work of emerging digital fashion designers worldwide.

The virtual dresses were presented by avatars on grandiose staircases in a castle-like setting hovering freely in the clouds. The motto of the event, ‘As Above, So Below’, referred to the blurring boundaries between the real and virtual worlds. On display were eight designs that were later auctioned off as limited edition NFTs.

The design ‘The Empress of the Metaverse’, a collaboration between digital fashion house The Fabricant and digital influencer Ruby 9100m, generated the most revenue. The avatar wore a dress influenced by both the Empress Wu Zetian and the Victorian era, featuring an extravagant crown and detailed corset. The NFT of this dress was sold for three ETH (equivalent to around 7,000 pounds). ETH, also Ethereum or Etha, is the second-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin.

Image: The Empress of the Metaverse by The Fabricant
Bild: The Empress of the Metaverse by The Fabricant

Other designs included an elegant, pleated evening dress, a colourful statement t-shirt and a complete outfit inspired by Bollywood films. In addition, an exciting ball gown, with moving virtual elements in red and gold, conquered the digital catwalk.

Image: Optimism as Cultural Rebellion 2004-2021 T-Shirt & Skirt by Matthew Stone
Image: Toxic by Nina Doll

CFW brings together the world of fashion with blockchain systems and virtual art, gathering the community of designers, artists, entrepreneurs and technologies that are part of this digital fashion movement. This year’s Crypto Fashion Week opened with the launch of the Karl Lagerfeld NFT collection .

Watch the entire Meta Gala show in this video.

Video: Universe Contemporary via YoutTube

This article originally appeared on FashionUnited.DE. Translation and edit by: Rachel Douglass.

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