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Jessica Simpson evolves her brand and adds footwear

By Sara Ehlers


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After launching an eponymous collection in 2006, Jessica Simpson has had great success in the fashion industry. After years of fine-tuning her collection, Simpson has decided to branch out by adding another category of footwear into the mix.

Founded by herself and her mother, Tina Simpson, the collection launched as a shoe line. After profiting and become widely popular, The Jessica Simpson Collection began to offer other types of merchandise including apparel, accessories, handbags, and more. However, her collection was more notable for its shoeline which catered to women and offered carefully designed heels, wedges, pumps, and more. Recently, the songstress has decided to add more to her athleisure line by adding footwear as well. Instead of only retailing pumps and heels for everyday or special occasions, now The Jessica Simpson Collection will offer shoes as part of her activewear line.

The footwear line, similar to her other merchandise, will cater to women with feminine designs and technical advancements. The shoes include flexibility in design, lightweight materials, and custom-knit shoes for the busy, on-the-go woman. The footwear currently wholesales for 36 dollars, as reported by WWD. The line will consists of sneakers available in vibrant, colorful prints that can be worn in everyday, casual wear as well as in the gym. “I don’t always have time to do a quick change from a workout to playing with my kids to going out to lunch or approval meetings, so being able to create active apparel and sneaker styles that work both at the gym and on the got fits well for my lifestyle and my collection,” Simpson told Footwear News. This is part of Simpson’s way of making the line wearable at all times.

Jessica Simpson's The Warm Up adds performance footwear

The footwear will be added to her activewear line The Warm Up, which launched last December in partnership with Sequential Brands. The footwear was announced on the brand’s Instagram account that it will be launched August 12. On her personal Instagram account, Simpson showed off her new video showcasing the line including The Warm Up’s new styles. The active apparel is currently available on the brand’s website, while the footwear will be arriving on Friday. The line will retail from approximately 69 to 89 dollars, according to Footwear News.

Jessica Simpson broke through the entertainment industry as a singer and songwriter first and foremost. Overtime, her designer status in fashion became more and more prevalent. Now, her makes approximately 1 billion dollars annually. The collection currently spans over 30 categories and was branched out from Simpson’s desire to reach a wide audience. The brand offers a mix of contemporary, fashion-forward pieces as well as wearable pieces for casual outfits. The diversity of her collection is what makes it relatable to so many customers. In continuing to evolve her activewear collection, it seems that The Warm Up could be highly profitable.

Photos and Video: Courtesy of The Jessica Simpson Collection

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