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Kamroen Farzan launches Breastflower, a breast jewel for women with a mastectomy

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Apr 20, 2021


One in seven women is confronted with breast cancer. For approximately one third of these women, amputation of the breast is the chosen treatment. Specifically for this group there is now Breastflower, a breast jewel in the shape of a flower.

Kamroen Farzan (52, the lady in the picture) opted for surgical removal of the entire breast, also called mastectomy, after being diagnosed with breast cancer. A successful procedure, but also a definitive one. Kamroen: “I felt immensely powerful as well as proud and grateful that my body had succeeded in beating breast cancer. But during my intimate moments I continued to be confronted with an ugly scar. A scar for something that was no more, and that in my opinion wasn’t the right symbol for conquering the disease.”

Especially for women having undergone surgical removal of the breast, there is now Breastflower. Breastflower is a breast jewel to give to yourself as a luxurious feel-good accessory for those moments when you don't want to wear prosthetic lingerie, such as during intimacy. You may also wear Breastflower underneath your clothing when you want to feel entirely free. Every woman wants to feel beautiful and special. Breastflower gives you that magical feeling! Breastflower is worn directly on the skin with a special double-sided fastening tape that is scar-friendly. Breastflower is not intended to simulate a breast or to replace your prosthetic bra, but to complement your lingerie and to make you feel extra beautiful and special whenever you feel like it. The choice is yours! Through joy, femininity, elegance, and glamour, Breastflower wants to show that every woman is beautiful.


Kamroen: “I believe every woman attempts to move on from within her own strength after going through breast cancer and a mastectomy. Our breasts represent femininity and nurturing new life. But what is femininity when one breast is missing? Or when both of them are? Femininity lies in expressing your strength, confidence, sensuality, and positivity about life. Beautifying yourself and creating the conditions in which that is possible makes you feel feminine as a woman, even with a mastectomy. In every situation.” Breastflower is a symbol for our inner strength, femininity, and freedom.

Breast jewel

Breastflower currently features a CLASSIC Collection and SMOOTH Collection. The breast jewel is made of lace and decorated with Swarovski crystals, filled with cotton fibre fill and is available in three different colours: black, ivory, and burgundy. By using a double-sided skin-friendly tape, the breast jewel is attached to the skin.

Coming soon: The FREEDOM Collection, featuring the option to choose your own fabric and prints for Breastflower.

Every Breastflower is crafted with great care in a Dutch atelier and available at www.breastflower.com, starting from EUR 95,=.

About Breastflower

Breastflower is a breast jewel for women having undergone a mastectomy and is founded by Kamroen Farzan in 2020. Kamroen lives in The Netherlands.

Read more about Breastflower on the brandpage:fashionunited.com/companies/breastflower