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Key numbers - This is what LA makes on LA fashion week

By Sara Ehlers

Jan 27, 2017


As Los Angeles Fashion Week kicks off within the first week of February, FashionUnited asks the question of how much income is made from this elegant event. With bringing in visitors who also spend money on their stay, on restaurants, retail shopping and more; the city of Los Angeles must benefit financially from the week-long event. Although the city falls behind in numbers in comparison to its bi-coastal counterpart New York Fashion Week, Los Angeles brings in a total income of approximately 46 million dollars.

Key Figures for Los Angeles Fashion Week

Number of visitors: 20,000
Total income: 46 million dollars
City income: 5.5 million dollars
Business income: 40.5 million dollars
Venue income: 6 million dollars
Restaurant income: 15 million dollars
Retail income: 14.5 million dollars
Accommodation income: 10.5 million dollars
Average expenditure per visitor: 2,004 dollars

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Photo: LAFW

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