Luxury footwear label Kizik Design just launched a new technology for its shoe. The line was announced this week a handsfree alternative smart shoe for men.

Founded by former CEO of Ogio International Michael Pratt, Kizik developed this innovative shoe integrated with luxury materials to create this sneaker. These shoes allow its wearer to put on this pair without using any hands. "Unlike a slip-on, KIZIK® shoes are a step-in, automatic sneaker that give you a custom fit without using your hands," Kizik President Pat Hogan said in statement. "At Kizik, we believe there is no longer a need for shoelaces in modern day footwear, and when you step into a KIZIK® shoe, you are stepping into the future."

The technology allowing these shoes to have an automatic fit is dubbed F.A.S.T. (Foot Activated Shoe Technology) by Kizik Shoes. Protected by patent, the shoes also have titanium wire, a retractable heel, tongue reinforcement, instep adjustment, and arc design. "In addition to the ample benefits of a handsfree shoe, KIZIK® shoes prioritize fashion first, making sure our designs are on-trend and challenging the status quo," Hogan said in a statement. The shoes retail between 180 to 190 dollars and are available now on as well as in 17 locations globally including select Dillard's stores.





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