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Levi’s to release genderless capsule in collaboration with Atelier Reservé

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Levi's x Atelier Reservé

In what is now their second collaboration, Levi’s and Atelier Reservé have revealed a limited edition, gender-neutral collection aimed at the “free spirits who resist conformity and set their own fashion rules”.

Following their first partnership in May, the duo is now set to release a second capsule consisting of 100 percent upcycled pieces. A limited number of reimagined Sherpa trucker jackets, hoodies and flannels will be on offer, each deconstructed into a range of genderless garments.

Atelier Reservé, an Amsterdam-based studio, is run by visual artist Alljan Moehamad and designer Deyrinio Fraenk, who have utilised vintage and old stock Levi’s since the studio’s launch. Each piece in the newest limited collection was created entirely by hand at the pair’s workshop, with reconstructed items removed from all prejudices about predetermined barriers.

Image: Levi's x Atelier Reservé

“Traditional gender-based shopping and dressing rules are being challenged, especially by younger consumers,” said Anit Van Eynde, vice president of marketing Levi’s North Europe, in a release. “More and more people are shopping according to their true personal style and preferences rather than what is predetermined for ‘her’ or ‘him’. Exploring this space more and more, this capsule collection with Atelier Reservé is an example of how we’re redefining traditionally gender-specific items into something new by reshaping silhouettes, proportions and styling.”

The line consists of two Sherpa trucker jackets, a white and a grey hoodie with prints and a white and blue striped flannel shirt. Items were made with Atelier Reservé’s zero-waste policy, using their own leftover materials and Levi’s old stock.

Available December 2, customers can get their hands on the limited number of pieces at Levi’s official website, through Zalando or at Printemps Paris.

Image: Levi's x Atelier Reservé
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