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LVMH launches deadstock platform, Nona Source

By Don-Alvin Adegeest

Apr 26, 2021


Image: Textile buying by Nona Source

Nona Source, an LVMH-backed re-sale platform for deadstock, has launched an online destination for the most exclusive fabrics from LVMH’s portolio of French luxury maison. The company allows creatives to easily access high-quality materials whilst encouraging the re-use of existing resources in a circular economy.

A new way of textile buying

Exceptional fabrics traditionally come in high quantities, long lead-times and soaring costs, particularly when woven from scratch. Nona Source gathers the leftover fabric from high-end brands and makes it available to a new generation of designers and buyers. The website aims to translate the sensory experience of textile buying, making the digital representation as real as possible, with all the information needed without physically being able to touch it.

The incredible inventory holds over 150,000 meters of the finest fabrics, enough to make 75,000 new garments.

Founded by Romain Brabo, Marie Galguera and Anne Prieur du Perray, the company come to be after Brabo, an expert in material purchasing and manufacturing at Givenchy and Kenzo, first discovered the “sleeping beauties,” those high-quality fabrics stored in Couture Houses’ warehouses. He took the opportunity of giving them a new lease of life by boosting their creative potential through a resale platform. Thanks to DARE, LVMH’s intrapreneurial program, an incubator for new projects to transform ideas into concrete solutions.

Header 2Innovation

The platform aims to offer an innovative digital sourcing experience, with a high-resolution digital display. Nona Source works in close collaboration with designers to best characterise and render the texture of fabrics on offer, as well as find the best digital translation of the “Touch & Feel” sourcing experience.

For more information visit www.nona-source.com