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Maaree launches collaboration with Skipping With Sarah

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Maaree

Sports bra and performance apparel brand Maaree has launched a limited-edition collaboration with jump rope content creator Skipping With Sarah.

The Maaree x SkippingWithSarah collection features “stylish, functional and solution-focused leggings and cycle shorts” to support women of all shapes and sizes to confidently jump rope and keep active.

The high-waisted legwear aims to address fit, feel and function to stay up, stay snug and feel comfortable while skipping, and banish the slipping down and pulling up concerns that most women have when exercising.

To achieve this the leggings and shorts in the collection are made from a four-way stretch, sweat-wicking and breathable fabric and they have a high waist and hidden drawstring to keep them in place. The designs also have a hidden waistband pocket for a credit card, key or money and two side pockets.

Image: Maaree

In addition, the leggings have been made petite-friendly and come in two lengths, regular 28-inch and short 25-inch, across all sizes XS – XXL.

They have also been designed in neutral colourways to complement Maaree’s upper-body wear to easily mix and match with its sports bras, T-shirts and hoodies. The leggings come in forest green and poseidon blue, while the cycle shorts are available in charcoal and plum.

Image: Maaree

Commenting on the collaboration, Skipping With Sarah’s, Sarah-Louise, said in a statement: “This is all about creating a pair of leggings or shorts which are comfortable both on and off the rope, addressing fit, feel, functionality and price point. Since I started skipping in 2020, I’ve struggled to find legwear that ticked all those boxes.

“As a follower and fan of Maaree, the brand story and ambition, it made perfect sense to team up and create a collection of products that show everyone that skipping is accessible to all, regardless of size and shape; it’s what you wear that supports and empowers you to feel your best and have fun. I hope our collection and the message behind it will both raise awareness about skipping as an activity and inspire more women to discover and explore the sport.”

Image: Maaree

Maaree founder Mari Thomas added: “I’ve been a fan of Sarah-Louse since the very early days of her skipping journey; she was inspirational to watch as she developed amazing skills in a very short time. To be able to join forces to alleviate frustrations around skipping and the right workout gear has been incredible.

“Challenging traditional designs and offering women-first solutions to products, was how Maaree and our now award-winning sports bra designs came about. To have the privilege of working with another like-minded female to solve another female active lifestyle issue, has been so exciting and rewarding. I hope the collection and the story behind it, will be embraced by our communities.”

The Maaree x SkippingWithSarah shorts retail for 35 pounds and the leggings for 49 pounds.

Image: Maaree
Image: Maaree
Image: Maaree