Mango donates 360,000 euros to WHO COVID-19 fund

Mango has been committed to supporting coronavirus relief efforts since its donation of 2 million masks to Spain. Now, the spanish company is collaborating with the World Health Organization (WHO). The agreement contains Mango’s commitment to donate 1 percent of the turnover obtained in its physical stores in a total of 26 countries, the majority in European countries, as well as in Turkey, Russia and the United States.

The initiative has been implemented in each country according to the date on which they were able to reopen their stores, and has managed to raise 360,000 euros. This sum will be donated to the “COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund”, a solidarity project which allows individuals, corporations, foundations and other organizations throughout the world to directly support the work of the WHO to help countries prevent, detect and respond to this pandemic. Among other projects, Mango’s contribution has been spent on the purchase and distribution of essential medical supplies for 135 countries, on supporting vulnerable countries through health and prevention measures and on researching vaccines.

Mango donates 360,000 euros to WHO COVID-19 fund

Mango has now reopened close to 2,000 stores, representing close to its entire network of stores (94 percent). In addition to its recent monetary donation, the brand also made its distribution logistics and production capacity available to the authorities by manufacturing 13,000 surgical gowns for Spanish healthcare workers.

photo: courtesy of PR Consulting





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