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Mayhoola donates 2 million euros to fight coronavirus

By Kristopher Fraser


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Mayhoola, the parent company of Balmain and Valentino, will be donating 1 million euros to Sacco Hospital in Italy to help stop the spread of coronavirus. They will also be donating an additional 1 million euros to Italy's Civil Protection.

The funds going toward Sacco hospital will help improve the ICU in what has become one of the most affected areas of italy. The funds will also be used to provide new negative pressure ventilation installation to help from further infecting doctors and nurses on the floor.

Italy's Civil Protection authority, Protezione Civile Italiana, has reported 59,238 infected patients and 5,476 deaths in Italy. The country is continuing to take measures to try and reduce the number of infected patients as they continue with a lockdown for citizens and have halted domestic travel.