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Milan Fashion Week SS22: Street style looks

By Ole Spötter


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Streetstyle Milan Fashion Week SS22 | Image: Nick Leuze

Milan Fashion Week has just ended and already we have the hottest street style looks.

The Italian city is known for its high temperatures. Nevertheless, the styles on the streets of Milan are not just short, shorter and shortest. Layers and sturdier materials suggest that autumn is slowly creeping in here too. But the looks still remain hot. FashionUnited has summarised the hottest trends of this season’s Milan street style.

Fire and flame

The natural graphic spectacles printed on these looks are a real thunderbolt to the system. Whether it be all-over lightning and fire prints on t-shirts, trousers and skirts or incorporated into a favourite band shirt, wearers are on fire with this trend. The style, which was popularised in the 90’s and early 2000’s, relies mainly on oversized pieces and layering.

Image: Nick Leuze

Shorts and Layering

Under long layers, shorts often reveal themselves, showcasing bare legs. Alternatively, these are combined with patterned tights that also highlight the legs.

The range of trousers extends from sporty shorts to straight-legged pieces made of sturdier materials. And the combinations are also very different. Oversized blazers and crop tops meet long wool coats and high-necked turtlenecks. In terms of colour, there is also no straight line to be distinguished from the looks, although the trousers are usually kept in simple shades such as black or brown.

Image: Nick Leuze

Large silhouettes

This season, pompous silhouettes are not only seen on the catwalk but also on the street. Wearers are focusing on the interplay between a tighter fit at the top and a wider silhouette at the bottom. This combination can be seen in voluminous maxi skirts and coats that get wider towards the bottom, but also in puffy balloon dresses that are flared below the waist and then become tighter at the hem. Depending on the garment, the materials range from light and flowing fabrics to firmer materials like vinyl.

Image: Nick Leuze

Cut-out details

Cut-outs have made their mark in recent seasons, especially in street style, and were now spotted again in Milan. Both smaller cuts and larger details can be seen on spaghetti tops, dresses and even blazers. What is striking, however, is that the recessed area is work especially on the left side and is often limited to just one cut.

This style can be complemented by playing with asymmetry, especially in dresses. For example, exposing one shoulder or highlighting one leg with a cut-out.

Image: Nick Leuze

Give the cold shoulder

But even without cut-outs, wearers often show the shoulder, especially one, with more elegant styles of blouses and dresses. The cold shoulder, which is highlighted in the process, also sets the scene for the entire look, appearing rather simple thanks to the restrained colour choice of grey and brown.

Complement the outfit with big statement gold chains and other accessories like sunglasses and small earrings.

Image: Nick Leuze


Besides large sunglasses and necklaces, scarves are additionally a popular accessory and also offer sun protection. Variations range from knotted under the chin to the convertible look, where the end of the scarf is thrown over the shoulder, to the do-rag - a tight-fitting scarf tied around the head, worn for the styling and protection of certain hair types.

The scarves are combined with wide outerwear such as coats and ponchos, as well as oversized blazers. In terms of colour, the wearers opt for monochrome headwear that contrast colourfully subdued outfits.

Image: Nick Leuze


Statement looks can also be created with the right footwear. Over-the-knee boots are always a good choice, especially in the transitional season. Combine them with an oversized blazer or an oversized leather jacket to create looks that can handle both warm and cold temperatures.

Over-knee variations range from just above the knee to high on the thigh. And wearers also have a wide choice of shape and colour, such as chunky black leather boots or bright blue high heels.

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Image: Nick Leuze

The blue colour trend

Colour-wise, Milan seems to be particularly attuned to blue this season. The Pantone colour of 2020 can be seen in all shapes and styles. But wearers are not only going for "Classic Blue" (Pantone colour of the year 2020) but the entire blue palette - from light baby blue to deep navy blue.

Women also stop at nothing when it comes to colour combinations. Tone-in-tone and wild blue colour gradients are on show. But the interplay with other colours, such as purple and brown, is also popular.

This variety also carries through in the choice of garments, which range from shirts and tops to jackets and coats. The look is rounded off with details like fur cuffs and collars, accessories such as headscarves and sunglasses, as well as shoes.

Image: Nick Leuze
Image: Nick Leuze

This article originally appeared on FashionUnited.DE. Translation and edit by: Rachel Douglass.

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