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Mytheresa Chief Buying Officer: “We don’t tend to over analyze social media trends”

By Ole Spötter


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Tiffany Hsu. Image: Mytheresa

The men's fashion weeks are just over, and already the next shows are taking place with the Haute Couture Week and the Fashion Week in Berlin. Time to ask the retailers about their plans for SS24.

First up is Tiffany Hsu, Chief Buying Officer at Mytheresa. In this interview, the chief buyer reveals which pieces are currently popular at the Munich-based luxury fashion retailer, trends for the coming season and hot newcomers.

Which pieces are currently doing well at Mytheresa?

Some of the popular pieces include the Loewe logo denim and tank top, the Bottega Veneta Sardine and Andiamo bag. Also, our exclusive Toteme travel collection styles, and the oversized gold Bottega Veneta drop earrings.

The summer is also slowly approaching. What developments are emerging as a result?

As the weather gets warmer, we have seen an increase in demand for resort products. Additionally, sandals, baskets and sunglasses have been doing really well for us too.

Have you just added any new brands to your portfolio?

Just to name a few: D'Accori, Roberta Einer and Taller Marmo, Knwls and Aya Muse.

Aya Muse and Knwls add a distinctive touch, perfect for spicing up your resort wardrobe during the summer season. Additionally, we offer a range of exclusive Aya Muse styles onsite.

Mytheresa SS23 campaign with a look by Robert Einer. Image: Mytheresa

What colors are defining the summer?

Brown and earthy tones, along with gold accents, are defining the colour palette for the summer.

What womenswear trends do you expect for the coming season and beyond?

We are seeing a rise in relaxed fitting aesthetics, along with the popularity of timeless yet statement-making pieces. For example, versatile maxi skirts that can be dressed up or down and strong tailoring that offers a contemporary twist while remaining easy to wear. Also, there is a strong focus on clean lines and impactful silhouettes, prioritizing them over prints or colors.

How do you react to the very fast-moving micro trends that emerge on social media like Tik Tok and are usually only present for a short time?

This depends on the specific micro trend, because not all micro trends originate from social media, but they often amplify existing trends. We buy items that are relevant to our fashion-savvy and sophisticated customers, regardless of whether they are trending on social media.

However, we continue to add freshness into our edit. Eye-Catching products and those fashion items that are fun generally do very well for us, as our customers love to have newness and statement pieces that are unexpected. But we don’t tend to over analyze social media trends.

This interview was conducted in writing.